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» 40-80g x 0.01mg

» 80-310g x 0.1mg
» 410-510g x 0.1mg

» 80 x 0.1mg
» 120g x 0.1mg
» 210 x 0.1mg
» 100/210 x 0.1/1mg

» 150-510g x 1mg
» 1000-1500g x 1mg

» 150g x 1mg
» 150g x 1mg NTEP
» 250g x 1mg
» 350g x 1mg
» 400g x 1mg Pharm
» 400g x 1mg NTEP
» 500g x 1mg
» 40/400g x 1/10mg
» 100/510 x 1/10mg

» 400-2000g x 0.01g
» 3-6kg x 0.01g

» 3-12kg x 0.1g

» 12,000g x 0.1g
» 16,000g x 0.1g
» 20,000g x 0.1g
» 30,000g x 0.1g

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scientech balances

Scientech is an innovator of high quality, precision weighing for over 46 years.  Scientech is the 100% made in the U.S.A.

These balances are microprocessor controlled with built-in functions to improve performance.  Automatic adjustments to temperature changes are accomplished with real time temperature compensation software through Scientech's exclusively designed software algorithms.

This software corrects every updated weight reading for temperature changes as small as 0.001C without having to recalibrate the balance.

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This revolutionary internal software yields accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate your balance as the ambient temperature varies.  All these complex calculations take place in the background and are totally invisible to the end user.

You will never have that nagging doubt again that you should have recalibrated before that last critical weighing.

If you need absolute accuracy for analytical weighing, make sure you buy the Scientech SA-Series.

Analytical weighing demands a high standard of accuracy.

The SA Series delivers.  Weights from 80 to 510 grams with 0.0001g resolution are displayed promptly, clearly, and reliably. 

The SA80 is the analytical balance workhorse of the SA realm.  This handy performer is perfect for the value conscious user who wants ultra-featherweight readability for a lightweight price.

An outstanding feature which can be added to any SA model is the optional motor driven, built-in, calibration weight (9000-INT)

Optional printer availableThis handy accessory gives you the ability to easily recalibrate your SA analytical balance as often as you wish without having to use an external weight.  In combination the unique real time temperature compensation software, this quality feature assures you of dependable, accurate results.

All Scientech balances are based on magnetic force restoration technology, microprocessor controller, auto calibration (using an external calibration weight), automatic systems checkout upon startup, RS232C data interface, percent weighing, live animal weighing, GLP/GMP/ISO compatibility, send when stable over the RS232 port, user selectable stability, stability indicator, user selectable vibration filtering, automatic zero tracking, print key, capacity tracker, parts counting, checkweighing, multiple units of measure, non-volatile memory, below balance weighing for density determination and specific gravity determination, adjustable feet with level bubble, built-in security bracket, LCD display for low heat, & low voltage circuits.

Take a close-up look at all the features and you will agree Scientech is your best buy.

Download the Instruction Manual now

The instruction manual contains detail information regarding calibration, additional features and keypad functions.

See the new ZSA-SERIES - ZSA-80 | ZSA-120 | ZSA-210 | ZSA-210D

New for 2005 the Zeta ZSA Analytical line offers a lower cost, 5-year warranty & a unique weighing sensor.  This new proprietary technology is very resistant to suspension damage an only available in the Zeta line.

The design is not as complex as a lever design which makes it less costly to manufacture.  The Series 10K (SA-80, SA-120, SA-210, etc) has a better repeatability spec, can accept internal weights on the SA models, can do below balance weighing, and can handle higher capacities for the same readability.
zeta analytical balance
ZSA-80 | ZSA-120 | ZSA-210 | ZSA-210D COMPARE MODELS
Model: SA-80 SA-120 SA-210 SA-310
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CAPACITY 80g 120g 210g 310g
READABILITY 0.0001g 0.0001g 0.0001g 0.0001g
TARE RANGE 0-80g 0-120g 0-210g 0-310g
(Std Dev)
0.0001g 0.0001g 0.0001g 0.00015g
LINEARITY 0.0002g 0.0002g 0.0002g 0.0002g
STABILIZATION TIME ~3sec ~3sec ~3sec ~5sec
WEIGHING MODES Grams, Carats, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweight and a custom weight register (programmed when you buy the balance)
UPDATE INTERVAL 200ms 200ms 200ms 200ms
DATA INTERFACE Standard RS232C bi-directional interface.  Baud rates of 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
PAN SIZE Circular 3.5" Diameter
POWER SUPPLY 100-240 VAC (47-63Hz) with 115 volt wall connector linecord
WINDSCREEN (inches) Standard rectangular (7.5W x 8.25D x 9.5H)
Entire draft shield can be removed by simply removing 4 screws.
HOUSING (inches) 7.5W x 11.25D x 3.25H
Standard Accessories Manual, AC Adapter, Underhook for specific gravity applications, RS-232C data interface
Optional Accessories Rechargeable battery kit, External calibration mass, Printer, Motorized automatic internal calibration weight
External Calibration Mass (optional) 80g

Laboratory Supplies
Weighing canoes, boats, aluminum weigh dishes, moisture pans, glassine paper, filter pads, beakers, microscope slides & more at prices never seen before.  Many items 1/3 the cost of the laboratory supply catalogs.

Review the specs on the SA 410, SA 510, SA 210D & SA 525D