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500 pound PS5AP Series Doctor/Parcel Scale offering 500 pounds weighing capacity and increments in 0.5 lb intervals with indicator pole.

Siltec platform scales are a great economical choice to meet your weighing needs for a parcel/shipping scale.

Siltec scales have been meeting the weighing needs of shipping departments and freight companies for many years providing excellent weighing results for substantially less than other scale manufacturers.

Siltec models: PS100L > PS200L > PS500L > PS5AP > WS SERIES

All scales are tested and calibrated for linearity to ensure your Siltec scale weighs accurate over the full ranging range of the scale.  Siltec scales are NOT Legal For Trade (NTEP/Type III approved) and should not be used in weighing applications where goods (i.e. fruits & vegetable) are sold by weight.  We offer a large selection of Legal for Trade scales to comply with weight & measures inspector's requirements.

Siltec offers a huge selection of parcel scales without the display hole in two weighing platform sizes.  The PS-Series offers a 12" x 12.4" platform and the WS-Series offers a larger 15" x 15" platform.  See a comparison in platform size here.

All Siltec platform scales offer a bright red LED display (click to see close-up of display) for easy reading and a tare function to allow you to subtract the weight of your carton, crate or box enabling you to weigh the contents of the parcel.  Additional features include: selectable weighing modes in either pounds or kilograms by pressing the "LB/KG" keypad on the indicator and operator on either AC or battery. 

A unique feature with all the Siltec PS & WS Series is when the scale is operated on either AC adapter or Battery there is no "Auto Shut-Off" feature.  Other manufacturer's design their scales with an Auto Shut-Off which turns the scale OFF after 3 to 5 minutes of no activity.  This feature saves battery power, but it becomes cumbersome to always have to turn the scale ON everytime you go to use the scale.  Eliminating the Auto Shut-Off feature was requested from clients that use the Siltec line for shipping boxes and needing to determine the weight.  Too much time was wasted everytime a person wanted to weigh a parcel and had to turn ON the scale.  There is a benefit by eliminating the "Auto Shut-Off" feature, but with this design one just needs to press the OFF button when the scale is not going to be used for a long period of time.

Be sure to read the article submitted by Sharon Finnegan and how the PS5AP is the scale she was searching for to purchase for her overweight uncle.

Hospitals, doctor's offices, healthcare providers and other healthcare professionals are using the WS-Series, PS500L and PS5AP to monitor the weight of their obese patients without spending $500 - $1000.  The PS500L is extremely popular with visiting nurses since the unit only weighs 9 pounds and is extremely portable.  The scale fits perfectly in a book bag and is a cinch to use especially since it operates on either batteries or AC adapter.  Read more about some of the great features the Siltec line offers for weighing large people and helping you decide if the WS-Series, PS500L or PS5AP is better for you.  We also carry the SECA Professional Digital Healthcare Scale and the mechanical Health-O-Meter physician scales.


The PS-Series is a durable and economical bench scale ideal for shipping and receiving.  The entire line of Siltec bench scales feature a rugged anodized aluminum indicator with plastic end caps construction.  Low profile design allows cartons to slide easily onto the 12" x 12.4" x 2.4" weighing platform. 

See the difference in platform size between the PS-Series and the WS Series prior to making your final selection.

 MODEL:  PS100L (more details)  PS200L (more details)  PS500L (more details)
CAPACITY: (pounds) 100.0 lbs 200.0 lbs 500.0 lbs
READABILITY: (pounds) 0.1 lbs 0.2 lbs 0.5 lbs
CAPACITY: (kilograms) 45.00 kg 90.7 kg 220.0 kg
READABILITY: (kilograms) 0.05 kg 0.1 kg 0.2 kg
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Click here to see all the specs on the PS100L, PS200L or PS500L

siltec ws series parcel scales

Siltec WS-Series offers a large 15" x 15" x 2.7" weighing platform.  This scale was originally designed for performance racing industry for chassis setup applications.  It is extremely crucial to have proper weight distribution for performance race cars to handle properly.

Now Precision Weighing Balances offers this same scale as a low cost alternative to purchasing an expensive floor scale or crane scale for companies shipping crates and cargo parcels.  Some clients purchase two scales and straddle the load across the two weighing platforms and add the two weights displayed on each indicator to determine the total weight.  Additional uses include calculating the center of gravity of small aircraft using 2 or 3 WS Series scales for each wheel of the plane.  Other applications include load distribution on a structure.

The entire line of Siltec bench scales incorporate heavy-duty load cell technology in the base.  The WS1000L is extremely popular for people weighing over 500 pounds.  Surf and search the internet, but we doubt if you can find another high capacity bench scale for less.  Get a better prospective of the platform size here.

Click here to see all the specs on the WS-Series


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